Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Late Bob Chapman is Right About the Bilderburg Group” We are Breathing Down Their Necks”

 I miss Bob Chapman who written for the International Forecaster. I always looked forward calling in and listening to his actuate analysis when he was on every Tuesday on John Stadmiller’s show of Republic Broadcasting and Friday on the Alex Jones show. Even though Bob Chapman is not with us which is nearly a year later when he passed away when the Bilderburger group met in Chantilly Virginia. I wish Bob was still alive to comment about the looting of the Cyprus bank accounts and the Libor scandal.
We all miss Bob Chapman a lot and wish he was still around. Anyway we are going very well carrying out the legacy Bob Chapman left behind for us. One thing Bob Chapman said about the elites is that” We are breathing down their necks” This was more obvious when Bilderberg 2012 took place in Chantilly Virginia when Bob passed away during the Bilderberg meeting. The massive gathering of demonstrators outside the Marriott confirming Bob Chapman’s words” We are breathing down their necks” Bob Chapman with also Jim Tucker have exposed the Bilderberg agenda. With the massive protest at the Bilderberg meetings gathering in mass of people letting the Robber Barons and captains of industry know” We are Breathing down their necks” When their goal is no longer a secret. They can not hide anymore. Their sin has found them out.


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