Monday, June 3, 2013

Bilderberg exposed in EU parliament by UKIP's Gerard Batten MEP - YouTube

 The Bilderberg Group Meeting in Watford June 6th | Gerard Batten MEP

The next meeting of the Bilderberg Group is due to start this Thursday 6th June at the Grove Hotel, Watford.

The Bilderberg Group has meet annually since 1954 in secrecy. But the internet age means it can no longer remain a secret and they have been forced to adopt a public relations position to meet this development.

The Bilderberg Group now has its own website at  This year they have published a list of the participants and the topics for discussion.
The amazing thing about the Bilderberg meetings is that the worlds media have abided by a self-imposed embargo on reporting them for the last 59 years. Very few organs of the mainstream media have had anything to say about them. Indeed, anyone who tried to discuss them was likely to labelled as a nutcase or extremist conspiracy theorist.

Look at just some of the names of those attending (according to the published list): Ed Balls, Kenneth Clarke, Peter Mandelson, George Osborne and Henry Kissinger. To name just five from around 138 names of the most important, powerful and wealthy people in the world.
The agenda is the kind of thing you would expect these kind of people to discuss when they meet. The mystery is not what they discuss so much as why the media don’t report these meetings.  In an age when a meeting a meeting between two celebrities is usually considered front page news, why not? Last week the front page news was David Cameron having a cappuccino with this wife Samantha while on holiday.
They can’t keep it under wraps any longer,

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