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Bilderberg 2013

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By The Staff at AFP

When Bilderberg group attendees arrive near Watford, England in early June for the annual secret gathering, they will likely be greeted by an entire festival that has been organized on the outer grounds of the posh Grove Hotel, where the 2013 meeting will take place, June 6-9. This could represent a major publicity breakthrough and help amplify the urgent message about the existence of this powerful organization as well as who is behind it.

22_Occupy BilderbergThe group is an elitist set of corporate heads, major politicians, media moguls and financial kingpins who meet each year in guarded, closed-door policy meetings, to determine how the world should go—whether the people of the world like it or not.

The longtime American mainstream media blackout about the Bilderberg meetings—elite gatherings, which date back to 1954 when this globalist group first started skulking into luxury hotels to assess their status and make their profiteering plans—eroded considerably last year in Chantilly, Virginia. There, The Washington Post—whose publishers have long participated as Bilderberg insiders but never reported a word about it—sent a photographer and printed a news story about the Va. confab. AMERICAN FREE PRESS’s team cheered and ran a story about it.  MORE @

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