Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bilderberg 2013: Welcome to 1984 - Charlie Skelton

excerpt: Charlie Skelton

Relax: thanks to Goldman Sachs and other 'donors', this year's conference will be cost-neutral for Hertfordshire – despite the construction of the Great Wall of Watfor

The Great Wall of Watford 

 Bilderberg Fence Pics
After 59 years of Bilderbgerg guests scuttling about in the shadows, ducking lenses and dodging the news, that's the rationale we're given? The same rationale, presumably, is behind the Great Wall of Watford, a concrete-and-wire security fence encircling the hotel. As ugly as it is unnecessary, it looks like the kind of thing you throw yourself against in a stalag before being machine-gunned from a watchtower. Appropriately fascistic, you might say, if you regard fascism as "the merger of corporate and government power", as Mussolini put it.

The same threat of "terrorism" was used to justify the no-pedestrian, no-stopping zones near the venue. The police laid out their logic: they had "no specific intelligence" regarding a terror threat. However, in recent incidents, such as Boston and Woolwich, there had been no intelligence prior to the attack. Therefore the lack of any threat of a terror attack fitted exactly the profile of a terror attack. The lack of a threat was a threat. Welcome to 1984.

Rhodes admitted that the anti-terror zones were flexible, and that residents would be allowed to pass through to their homes. But their value for security, he said, was that if people gathered in these zones who did not live locally, "they can easily be moved on" – not because they are terrorists but simply because they are gathering. That's the great thing about the threat of terrorism: it's so infinitely applicable.

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