Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bilderberg Fence Pics - - Watford - June 04, 2013


From tomorrow on, the hotel "The Grove" is made air-tight. 
Therefore, we thought it is the last chance to look around on the site.
Ja vas pozdravljam, Rain...
xxx XXX June 04, 2013
We said we are guests and reserved a table at the restaurant for lunch.
I must say, the Bilderbergs have already chosen the most chic place. 
We sat in glorious sunshine on the terrace and enjoyed fine dining; we were able to simultaneously have a look around on the area.
After dinner we walked around the grounds and watched as around the hotel a steel mesh fence is erected.
Since we have found no one else from the truther scene, the below are probably the most exclusive pictures of the security measures.
 (email from my Croatian friend)
rParsifal Rain

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